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The runways have spoken, and the 90’s continue, with the 70’s and the 80’s, and some trends that are all over the place and have no particular home. There seems to be no sign of these trends going anywhere. Because we have to live with what the designers give us, and I do not always follow the trends personally, but have to style with what I have available to work with, this past season and year are going to be all over the place. Which means that you can pick and choose what works well with your body and sensibility, which colors look the best on you, and if you choose, to push your fashion to the limit. Cropped blazers, dresses with pants, patchwork denim jeans, zipped biker jackets, doll dresses, and maxi sheaths are all coming your way.

Since we are living in unprecedented times, and there is not much normal going on right now, we have to adjust to the market and what is real for our lives. So especially now, if you are shopping for pieces
to add to your wardrobe, they must make sense, or be something you need or are craving. I tried very hard to style looks that you will wear in real time, and kept some of the crazy away because right now its not our reality. But its all still workable, adaptable and creative.

No need to empty your wardrobe each season or year, because its more like adding to what you have and then taking that and creating whats fun for you. If you kept everything you ever had, you would probably have enough to play with all the mix of style, of course depending on your age.

I prefer to have as much fun as I can with styling, and tend to use a lot of jewelry and other accessories, but it depends on your mood, where you are going, and how much you like to push the envelope. Always use your best judgement in creating a look for yourself, because being true to yourself, is what defines you. I create looks for inspiration, fun, creativity, and can change my mind at any moment, because that is what fashion is all about, living in the moment.

So with that said, this is what the designers are doing for Fall 2020….

Newest Shapes:

Tailoring, sculptural, loose and fitted 2-3 piece suits, rounded and bold shoulders, slinky waists, gigantic dresses, sexy cuts, asymmetrical necklines, hot pants, bra tops, tiered and ruffled, all lengths possible, boyfriend jeans, fitted skirts below the knee, and column dresses are all the newest and greatest forms of power on the female figure, hanging in from Spring 2020.

Newest Vibes:

The boho vibe is still going on with generous cut-outs and leg revealing moments, prints and a lot of black are everywhere, as well as gold, grey, red, blues, greens, off-white, khaki, plaids, and tweeds. There are many monochromatic moments, as well as a lot of all-black moments. Shoulders are still built out and structured. Fringe and crochet, sheer fabrics are abound, tailoring for strong woman-power, dramatic sleeve treatments, capes, blouses with big sleeves, classic draping done in a revealing way, and colored bags are shown. Leather moves into fall as always, making its way onto hoodies, gauchos, and dresses, with colored sneakers, colored boots, and multi-colored heels finishing an all-black ensemble. Celebs fall dressing celebrates personal taste over a single must have item. As every celeb has a stylist that pulls their options for them, although there are a few who do shop in between those events, that is the stylist direction for fall.


Pointed toe flats and heels, sneakers, short / thigh high boots, a little bit of everything in bold colors, animal prints, metallics, leathers, and snakeskin. With the collections on the runway, you will see two-tone short boots with Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford, super high strappy colored sandals with Prada, thick strappy heels with Christian Siriano, flat sandals with JW Anderson and Martine Serre, multi colored textured heels with Fendi, short and mid-thigh patent boots at Marc Jacobs, mary janes at Christian Dior, and with thigh high socks at Gucci, and colorful thigh high boots at Richard Malone, for variety all over.
Again, its a little bit of everything, so you might have a lot of these styles stored away in your closet, or have been wearing them for years.

Lots of crazy shapes and colors to choose from with many designers going high and low.

Waist Detailing:

There is as much nipping in at the waist as there is loose fitting dresses and jackets. It would take the page just to detail every designer, so lets just say its all over the place again, and anything high waisted is in. Cinching your waist is definitely a great way to show off shape in this over-sized world of fashion, but if you like it loose, then go for it, because it sure is comfortable.

Color / Print:

Alberta Ferretti presented orange, tans, fuschia, blues, and black. Tom Ford has orange, black, white, and fuschia. Balmain used a lot of graphic black/white, black/yellow prints, as well as pink, gold, green, blue, and orange. Christian Cowan’s collection is mostly white, aqua, red, and black. Dolce is showing khaki, green, pink, orange, metallic gold, and animal prints, as well as prints everywhere for most all of the designers. Prints at Etro, Moschino, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Ferragamo, Zimmerman, and Givenchy to name a few more. Vera Wang was showing a lot of black, as well as Tom Ford with white, orange, and fuschia added.

Abstract prints, animal prints, mosaic prints, flowered prints, bold graphic prints, bold stripes, plaid, and metallic prints show up in so many collections, that they are virtually everywhere.

Monochrome is as much a trend, and especially all black. Pick your fav color and wear it from head to toe, even if you pick something super bright, and patent in color is present in many collections including Saint Laurent. There are the neutrals in khaki and tan everywhere, including Dior, Ferretti, Marc Jacobs, Hermes, while color is abound at Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, and Richard Malone. So really, the colors are everywhere as well as the prints, and I really cant think of colors I didn’t see much except for a lot of pastels, although they are around as well. So its the jewel tones again, with a mix of black, white, neutrals, and mixing with the acid neons.

Ruffles / Sheer / Fringe:

There is much girly going on for fall, with ruffled blouses, fringe everywhere on skirts long and short, jackets, and dresses long and short that it is a very feminine and very textured season. Bottega Veneta, Prada, Valentino, McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Akris, Zimmerman, Gucci, Moschino, Calvin Luo, Alberta Ferretti, and Molly Goddard, as just a few examples of ruffles virtually everywhere, with Rodarte doing a lot of tulle.


Trousers in every collection are high waisted, skinny and loose shapes at McQueen, Balmain, Hermes in black and grey leather, Louis Vuitton cropping and long, Ralph Lauren mostly black, Saint Laurent doing patent leggings in every color, and Tom Ford putting jeans down the runway with their collection. So again, its a mix of everything, and anything goes, as long as it sits on your waist.


Knitwear is always cozy for fall, but has continued with crochet being a huge influence.

Many different twists are available this fall making the season not your basic knit and pearl. Beautiful coloring, layering, patchwork, shaping, graphic designs, sexy open necklines, abstract and straight forward, there are many directions for knits right now. It is all over the collections, and vintage or a fresh take on crochet, it is a huge trend right now.


Plaid is everywhere, in many different collections, and in many different colors. There is fun detailing and showing up in many different directions. Plaid will add an architectural look, or a girly and romantic look, depending on how they are displayed. Thom Brown is filled with many shades of plaid, and Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, Libertine, Alexander McQueen among so many of the collections this fall have additions to every category of design.


Jumpsuits are very playful and very trendy for the past few seasons, and fall is no exception. Elegant tailoring, cuffs on pants, simple belting at the waist are the newest versions of this comfortable look. Putting on heels or boots and flats, and some great accessories can simply take this look from daytime to evening. The tent like dresses that hit the runway have a meringue shape, and are also a comfortable staple to the closet. Prints and solids make it an easy choice for work or play or both.

Shorts / Culottes:

As culottes continue on from spring into fall, shorts and culottes are playful as ever, with Saint Laurent, Chanel, Christain Dior, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang amongst many other designers making a statement that they will be worn in offices all over the coming season, as well as after office play. They are associated with the cool French girl style, and are super practical for fall.

Bra Tops / Cut Outs:

Bra tops have moved from spring into fall, even as the weather gets cooler, sometimes the less you want to wear. Cut-outs were seen in many collections as well, moving from spring into fall. Notable designers are shown in so many collections, but just a few were at Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, Christopher Kane, and Calvin Luo. You can wear a bra top under a sheer top, under a suit, or go for broke and pair them with whatever bottom you are in the mood for on whatever day it is. Cut- outs were design elements shown in many collections and were as creative and they were cool.

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