Staci Snider

Acclaimed designer Staci Snider is a modern woman in motion — dynamic, gifted, and strong.  Like the women she designs for, she’s sure of what she does and where she’s going.  The SNIDER collection blows up tired notions of what is possible:  at once strong and stunning; feminine and ferocious; rebellious and refined; jaw-dropping, but never desperate or pretentious.  Staci’s designs aren’t about following trends; they are about raising the bar, and then raising it again and again.

“At it’s best, fashion enables a very personal expression of individuality — without it we’re left with conformity, which in my eyes, would be the demise of fashion.” -Staci Snider

A former world-class track athlete, Staci imbues her innovative creations with an athletic sensibility rooted in determination, confidence, freedom, kinetic grace and high-performance.  The same can be said for the groundbreaking, doing and producing women who wear them.  SNIDER (German for “tailor” BTW) fashions reflect the well-travelled, astute, spirited and spiritual ethos of their designer.   Come-hither exposed linings, disruptive edges, iconoclastic seaming; visionary textures, shapes and shades — SNIDER’s pieces deconstruct the deconstructed look, even as they re-invent it.

SNIDER designs amp up functionality with 1,000 watts of personality. For the women who wear SNIDER, this unique alchemy makes the transition from daytime to evening as simple as a change of shoes — from rat-race to ravishing; meeting room to mezzanine; client to club, Gate 7A to 7th Ave. S.  This vivacious versatility empowers the wearer with a world of possibilities, options and opportunities.

Today’s extraordinary, self-assured, self-actualized woman of the world requires one thing above all:  “more than…” That’s precisely what SNIDER designs give to her.

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