Ashley Gill is the founder of the clothing brand, RORA. Her main focus is to inspire people through her clothing to see the world and fashion in a new light.

Born in California, she was always full of imagination and daydreaming of the future. She had many dreams over the years but her love for art and adventure never faded. She attended SFSU for college which is where she found herself creatively. Clothing was always a part of how she expressed herself but during these years it became her passion. During college she worked at BCBG Max Azria which is where she was introduced to the industry and her love for fashion began. Post college she worked for True Religion Brand Jeans which gave her a different perspective of design and the industry as a whole. The company moved her around to design for all categories and genders, but she knew she wanted to design something more personal. After working in LA for many years, she moved to New York. The city had awakened her and made her realize that her dreams could become a reality.

With her career growing, she was able to travel to different places all over the world. Through her exposure to different cultures, it changed the way she looked at life and fashion. During a trip to Nanjing, China, she got inspired by their history to make the jump to start her own company. From that day forward, she has never been happier and more fulfilled.

In 2017 she launched RORA, to her it is not just another clothing brand but a diary of who she is becoming as an artist and person. Through sharing her stories, she hopes to inspire people to be fearless and to make the impossible become possible.

The name RORA means sunrise. A fresh start, a warm light, full of optimism and peace. She wants the women who wear her clothing to embrace this feeling. Her main focus is making customers feel as though the clothing speaks to them personally. That listening to their body and trusting their minds is enough. Clothing that is made to make them feel confident in their ow style.

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