Philosofée is a fusion of the words philosophy and fairy, from the French “fée”. It translates the main purpose of the brand, which is to inspire women to feel beautiful as in a fairy tale, a “Fairy Philosophy”.

I found in tailoring and daily couture a special way to create fashion, going against fast fashion and the trend to make clothes that last only for one season. I aim to design timeless pieces, with a cosmopolitan feel, that look elegant today and tomorrow, empowering women to conquer their dreams.

Fabrics, trims and notions are carefully handpicked, resulting in quality in harmony with creativity. The design usually begins with classic shapes that are transformed into contemporary, minimalistic and deeply feminine looks. Philosofée is to be graceful at all moments.

Sustainability and ethics are essential in all of Philosofée production processes. We manufacture locally, partnering with contractors and sourcing with companies that share the same values. Respecting, working together and giving back to the local community. We use sustainable fabrics and trims every time that is possible, the packaging and graphic material are always recycled and come from certified sustainable sources. We are a conscious company vibrating high frequency energy throughout all stages, respecting all beings and planets.

The company was launched in Brazil, and today it is based in Los Angeles, California. We sell worldwide at our website and through a few selected boutiques.

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