Nic Roberts

Nic Roberts is a women’s designer brand offering sophisticated yet subtly sexy garments that strike a fresh balance of éclat and ease, tradition and modernity. Many of Nic Roberts styles are designed to transition its wearer seamlessly from day to evening on through the seasons.

Nic’s background as a competitive ballet dancer, combined with her years devoted to the study of engineering and neuroscience are acutely reflected in her calculated fierce feminine aesthetic. Each Nic Roberts garment embodies an unexpected yin-yang of the severe and soft, the strong and delicate, embodying a fierce-feminine aesthetic that harmonizes qualities in women that are typically diametrically opposed: power and strength, boldness and voracity with refinement and grace, sexual confidence with sophistication. The result is a feminity that is not simply pretty or precious, but foremost progressive and powerful.

An engineer by training, Nic’s penchant for precision and detail translate into her obsessive devotion to flattering fit and excellent craftsmanship. All of the garments are fastidiously crafted with couture finishings by highly skilled artisans in New York City.

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