Madame Baloge

Born in Paris and based in New York, Madame Baloge is a jewelry and accessory line, founded by Patricia Baloge in 2016. Madame Baloge has made its mark with recognizable and iconic statement pieces worn by Hayley Kiyoko, Chloe x Halle, Whitney Port and Kali Uchis. Each collection is made up of statement accessories that are designed for a fun spirited woman with a strong desire to express courage and originality through fashion. Madame Baloge carries a combination of edgy and elegant pieces that carry a touch of opulence. Each piece features a surprising mix of materials that create a strong yet harmonious contrast, making it impossible to ignore the uniqueness of the brand.

“My love for contrast is real. I get this warm feeling paired with excitement every time I come across creations made of elements that were initially unlikely to be put together. That constant search for accessories, clothes, and other things that evoke my sense of surprise, led me to create my own line of accessory that would make women feel empowered through the boldness of what they are wearing. Clothes and adornments are certainly not everything in life, but the more I experience the ups and down of my journey on this earth, the more I realize that the way I carry myself is a fun way of telling the world who I am without words. Madame Baloge is simply another language that any woman can use to express her confidence and strength from inside out”.

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