Luis Machicao

A Native of Peru, Luis Machicao has shown his collections at fashion shows around the world since 1991. He was commissioned by the President and First Lady of Peru to serve his country because of his impeccable taste. He dressed latin american dignitaries celebrities and socialites among TV Mini Series, soap operas, Theatre as well as designed for 26 motion pictures worldwide. His public persona was portrayed in 240 magazines including Southern Living, South Park magazine, Society magazine and “Vanidades” the spanish version of Vanity Fair.

After presenting his 2014 Spring Collection at New York Fashion Week he won the coveted “Best Designer” Award in Paris while showing his collection at Paris Tiffany Fashion Week, making him the most high profile designer from Charlotte and the only one showing his collections in the world capital of fashion. He also has worked in over 26 movies designing wardrobe including ‪The Hunger Games.

He also teach modeling in 2 prestigious fashion schools in Barcelona -Spain . He is currently working on showcase his Spring-Summer 2019 collection that will be show in Paris Fashion Week.

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