Krysia Renau

Born in Poland, Krysia was always fascinated with nature and art as a little girl. Completely spellbound with natures beauty always collecting beautiful wildflowers, autumn leaves studying and admiring their beauty and captivating textures and rich colors. Over the years developing a creative passion in visual design.
Krysia started designing jewelry in her early twenties for her close friends. One day a friend who had a boutique in Santa Monica insisted Krysia take her jewelry to the California Mart and before she knew it, the line grew with nationwide reps supplying better boutiques, various TV shows and department stores.

Since life sometimes dictates what we need to do and not what we would like to do Krysia took a break from designing to raise her two children and quickly went back to the business she originally started together with her husband in the electronic design industry. It’s been over twenty years since Krysia was finally able to retire from corporate life and return to her passion of jewelry design.

In 2014 Krysia made her comeback and launched her new jewelry line under “Krysia Renau” which is her native Polish first name and last name which originates from her husband’s French grandfather.

She designed her first collection “Nature’s Natural Gems” in 24 karat gold plate exhibiting at major fashion markets including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and quickly becoming “Best Selling Designer” in fine stores and boutiques nationwide including Europe.

With her passion for art along with travel to beautiful world continents Krysia’s creativity has only grown stronger and deeper.
With a keen eye in visual design Krysia has always been active in interior design, designing spectacular residential mansions from bottom up, including all custom interior decorating which she continues to do on private requests.

Krysia has always taken great pride in having her jewelry made in the US, hand made in California.

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