Yale Kanarek is a visual artist and jewelry designer whose practice focuses on the relationship between language and form. She works in various media, such as internet art, large-scale sculpture, and fine jewelry. Kanarek was born in New York City and raised in Israel. She returned in the early 90’s to study and practice art, and became known for her internet art trilogy, “World of Awe”. She exhibited her work at the Jewish Museum, Whitney Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and more. She’s a recipient of fellowships with the Rockefeller New Media grant, Eyebeam, and LABA – the Laboratory for Jewish Culture, where she designed the Hebrew font Gufanit for her fine jewelry collection. In 2018, she installed a large- scale sculpture commissioned by the U.S. Department at the new embassy in Zimbabwe. She’s currently working on a project to regender the Bible. Kanarek founded KANAREK fine jewelry in 2014 to further her interest in language and form. The brand is dedicated to text jewelry.

“The process of working with language is completely physical. We notate sounds that we create with air into symbols and write them all over our planet and ourselves. We write where we came from, what we stand for, and how to go places. And so language to us is a navigation system. Bringing words to the body as fine jewelry introduces language in the most personal of spaces.”

Yael Kanarek

Artist and Designer

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