Duane Topping

Duane Topping, a US Army Veteran turned fashion designer, is rooted in the artistry of an unconventional biker. Duane doesn’t look like the typical designer and each of his creations reflect his rebellious character. Starting with elegant silhouettes, the details are set to challenge the status quo. Inspired by the strength of people to find the light in the darkness, he energetically expresses his struggles with PTSD through each piece. Leaving you the freedom to connect, find a bit of your story in his, begin your own journey, and set your own agenda. “We are more than labels. I just make the wrapping, the people who wear my clothes are the true gift”- Duane Topping

The brand is dedicated to the designs with a foundation in Duane’s personal journey. Duane Topping’s passion is fueled by a desire to break out of the norm. The way we dress speaks loudly and reflects our character. Your spirit should glow through the fabric, let your voice be heard through our designs. Duane Topping will show you how to shed labels, and just be you. Show the world through our fashion that you can rise from the ashes of adversity, begin anew, and choose your own path.

Since Duane started on this journey his designs have been featured on the runway in NYFW, Kansas City Fashion Week, Denver Fashion Week, Baltimore Fashion Week, and in San Diego. He has been published in Vogue, Shuba, BLouder, Image, Faddy, and Pump Magazines. Duane was asked to give a talk with TEDx Milehigh and was a feature story on NPR, Local Denver news, Kansas City Live, and The Daily Blast Live.

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